Weddings are simply the best! I enjoy all the details that make up a wedding and ensuring everything happens at the time it should. Janke Weddings specialises in on-the-day wedding coordination thereby allowing you to relax with the peace of mind that someone is taking charge.

We were married on the 12th of January 2018, and to us, our day was perfect! A big part of the success of the best day of our lives was due to our on-the-day coordinator, Janke Eloff! Her enthusiasm and passion for what she does really took a huge weight off of our shoulders and for that, we are incredibly grateful! Continue reading

Matt & Danelle

I can’t even imagine how my day would have turned out with Janke not being there… THE WHOLE TIME! She came with uncountable blessings, not just on the day, but afterwards as well. She’s a dear working-friend of mine that pulled everything together after months of listening to my wedding planning. Continue reading

Simoné & Lehan